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Hair Growth System

Intensified &

Vitalizer HLN Salon Pack

The Vitalizer
HLN Salon Pack
 is finally
here and his is your chance to get the latest, most ground-breaking
hair regrowth product in the industry at even greater savings! Order as
many cases of Vitalizer HLN at the special Salon Pack rate of $40 per
bottle and you can start today to supply your local Salons with this
revolutionary, highly effective hair, lash and nail product! Start
today to begin growing your business as a salon supplier
by clicking HERE now!

Get Intensified!  Cutting-edge science in the support of hair growth
can now be yours! This special pre-order
option has a very limited number of Sisel Intensified Laser and Sisel
Intensified Massage Brush available, so the time to act is NOW!
Get your Sisel Intensified Hair Growth System at the discounted rate of $75 (normally
$100) AND two bottles of Sisel
Vitalizer HLN at a 10%
discount, making them $45 each
(normally $50)! This is a special pre-order price, so don’t

Sisel Intensified is
the combination of two very distinct and unique products; Sisel
Intensified Laser and Sisel Intensified Massaging Brush. The incredible
technology of these brushes is FDA approved to support hair
restoration, so when you combine them with Sisel Vitalizer HLN, the
result is the cutting-edge science in hair regrowth!
This is your chance to pre-order leading, cutting-edge technology! Act
now while supplies last, and lock in your discounted rate! Click HERE
to order yours today!



Vitalizer HLN Salon Pack is finally here! This is your chance to get
a 12-pack of the latest, most ground-breaking hair regrowth product
in the industry!
Click HERE to order yours today!


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Hair Care


Product F129522-10-01 Exquisite Revitalizing Shampoo

Great for naturally colored or permed hair, Exquisite is sulfate- and toxin-free so you are protected from skin irritations and many other serious problems. Exquisite is filled with active agents that gently cleanse while restoring strength and texture, leaving your hair fresh, soft, shiny and manageable.


> Learn More
F129522-10-01 500 ml/16.9 fl oz USD17.00 Qty: Order
Product F129452-10-01 Replenish Moisturizing Conditioner

An ultra-moisturizing hair conditioner that replenishes damaged and over-treated hair. Rich ingredients strengthen and fortify your hair against damaging heat, coloring, and excessive styling. Antistatic and conditioning agents calm fly-away hair, leaving it smooth, soft, and shiny.


> Learn More
F129452-10-01 500 ml/16.9 fl oz USD20.00 Qty: Order
Product F014015-10-01 Hair Gel Firm Hold

Excellent holding properties that shape and form hair, allowing you to create a variety of looks and styles. Contains flexible but strong polymers, bonding individual hair strands together to provide the desired hold and ultimate look you want to keep.


> Learn More
F014015-10-01 175 ml/5.92 fl oz USD13.00 Qty: Order
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Sisel International = Opportunity

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to really succeed in network marketing—to earn more money than you ever thought possible and create the kind of residual income that can change your life forever—look no further!

SISEL International is simply the most exciting mlm company ever created! SISEL has everything you need to build a burgeoning business and become a huge success while sharing the most spectacular health and wellness products in the world.

Over the past two decades, Tom Mower has experienced tremendous success creating one of the largest, most successful MLM companies of all time. In 2006, he sold his former company and launched SISEL, which has become the crowning achievement of his career.

Now, with over 25 years of experience, an impressive 400,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility like none other in the world, a team of the best research scientists the wellness industry has to offer, the most powerful, one-of-a-kind products ever formulated, an incredibly generous and lucrative compensation plan that pays as richly as it does fairly, the financial muscle, enthusiasm, leadership and experience to drive SISEL to the top of the all-time most successful MLM companies in history, Tom is bringing it all to you in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

No company has ever started like this. No company can help you build like SISEL can. This company is the one you’ve been waiting for… the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Everything is in place. And SISEL is currently achieving the kind of unprecedented momentum that can help bring you life-changing results.

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