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TS-X Advanced Telomere Age -Reversing Support.

Have You Heard the News?
New Enrollment Process and Website for TS-X!

If you missed the webinar with Tom Mower you missed one of those rare moments that very few companies experience. Something significant is about to take place providing all of us with the unique opportunity to be at the right place at the right time. It’s extremely rare that a company releases a product that can turn an industry on its ear. Apple computers did it with the iPhone, Mark Zuckerberg did it with Facebook, and now Sisel has done it with TS-X. TS-X may be the greatest product that has ever been introduced in the history of MLM and after last night’s webinar it JUST GOT BETTER! Tom announced the following exciting news:

  • TS-X is Now Available for Everyone to Purchase at Enrollment!
  • TS-X now has 50PV per Bottle
  • TS-X now has a master pack (best option) that is $999.95 for 12 bottles that qualifies a person as a Master Distributor

Tom also showcased the new TS-X website that is so visually stunning it is certain to create immediate credibility with anyone who views it. This is YOUR custom replicated site that contains answers to questions about the product, dosage, science, and even has comparison charts. Also showcased last night was an incredible lead capture page that is certain to generate a ton of leads and prospects for your Sisel business with a video that showcases the power of the product and science. All of this is now live and available in your MySiselPRO back office. If you are already on MySiselPRO simply type in your to view your custom TS-X site. Also in your MySiselPRO back office you can activate you custom lead capture page simply by going to manage websites and clicking on the drop down that says “lead capture page,” then over to TS-X. If you are not yet subscribed to MySiselPRO, simply log into your Sisel International back office and click the MySiselPRO tab on the right and follow the simple steps and get ready to watch your e-wallet explode with the single greatest marketing system in the world!

  • Your new lifestyle is within reach.
  • Sponsor ID: USA5156555 


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Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge

Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge

We would like to officially announce the pre-launch of our Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge! Here is a sneak peak of the official challenge website. You will notice from the website that Jeff Primm, two-time Mr. Universe, is endorsing this “ultimate challenge.” He will be watching for your success stories!

The Challenge is open to distributors and preferred customers. You will officially enter by purchasing one of six qualifying packs. You have until March 30 to complete your 12 week challenge and submit your entry form through the challenge website. The submissions page will be available at the full launch on January 1st. This challenge goes right with our “Share 3 Program” currently running. Get people some Fit & Fabulous packs so you can have yours for FREE, then get them in the challenge!

In addition to the challenge website, we have a Challenge Facebook page dedicated to participants for posting success stories, SiseLEAN recipes and also give support to the rest of the community. The Facebook page is live so go check it out! We would like to encourage all of you to participate in the challenge, and also follow the Facebook page to give support to those in the challenge. Who’s ready to “Take Back Your Health?!”

So, what are you waiting for? Go purchase your qualifying pack and get started today!

Good Luck!

-Sisel Team

Challenge Qualifying Packs
Click here to see the six challenge qualifying packs!
Sponsor ID USA5156555


Referral link link is

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Liquid Nutritionals


Product F130004-10-01 SpectraMaxx 750ml

SpectraMaxx fills in the gaps found in our modern diets by providing the broadest spectrum of antioxidants and trace minerals ever contained in a single bottle. By combining the incredible ingredients of Spectra AO and SupraMaxx into a powerful supersaturated formula, Sisel has created the world’s first megatonic.


> Learn More
F130004-10-01 750ml USD60.00 Qty: Order
Product F130054-10-01 Eternity 750ml

Activate dormant genes for:

  • More youthfulness and longevity
  • Exuberant health and vitality
  • Massive energy that lasts all day
  • Incredible weight loss support

An intensely concentrated, synergistic blend of resveratrol and three essential key ingredients in a variety of macro- and nano-sized nutrients for amplified bioavailability and vitality. This life-enhancing, highly potent liquid supplement may be the most significant factor ever discovered in the history of human health for promoting youthful vitality. 


> Learn More
F130054-10-01 750ml USD55.00 Qty: Order
Product F000001-10-01 FuCoyDon Intensified

FuCoyDon is an extremely potent, bio-available, restorative, liquid super supplement which researchers proclaim may be the greatest source of support for intensive regeneration at a cellular level. It contains a remarkable natural enlivening invigorator, Limu Moui extract, in a fortified patent-pending formula to make it extremely powerful! It includes three types of fucoidans: U, F, and G. Over 800 studies from the U.S. National Institute of Health show that fucoidans intensely support increased energy, enhanced immunity, and normal hormonal, glucose and circulatory functions throughout almost every system in the human body.


> Learn More
F000001-10-01 1000 ml / 34 fl oz USD53.00 Qty: Order
Product F129109-10-12 Sisel Splash

Sisel Splash is a light, refreshing enhanced water product infused with the power of our advanced resveratrol formula. Only 3 grams of carbs, and the crisp, sweet combination of real pomegranate, natural agave nectar, and pure stevia.


> Learn More
F129109-10-12 474 ml/16 fl. oz per bottle (12-pack) USD30.00 Qty: Order
Product F127769-10-01 Essential Eternity

Activate dormant genes for:

  • More youthfulness and longevity
  • Exuberant health and vitality
  • Massive energy that lasts all day
  • Incredible weight loss support

An intensely concentrated, synergistic blend of resveratrol and three essential key ingredients in a variety of macro- and nano-sized nutrients for amplified bioavailability and vitality. This life-enhancing, highly potent liquid supplement may be the most significant factor ever discovered in the history of human health for promoting youthful vitality. 


> Learn More
F127769-10-01 500 ml USD50.00 Qty: Order
Product F127769-10-02 Essential Eternity 500ml 2pk

Essential Eternity offers the same amazing formula as original Eternity, without the energy blend. This great-tasting beverage brings you increased vitality, added cellular protection, and what may be the most significant nutrient known to slow the effects of aging—resveratrol. With high concentrations of nano-sized, 98–99% pure trans resveratrol in a patent-pending blend of quercetin, catechins, and other polyphenols, Essential Eternity may be a key scientific breakthrough in your quest for health and ultimate longevity.*

Eternity is offered at a discounted price for those participating in the Automatic Purchase Program. The two-pack AP Discounted Price is $80.00. The two-pack standard product price for $100.00.

AP Discounted Price: $80.00

Standard Product Price: $100.00


> Learn More
F127769-10-02 500ml USD100.00 Qty: Order
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Dietary Supplements- sisel International

Product F130798-10-01 Body Shield

Body Shield offers incredible support for your cellular health. It contains organic fulvic acid, which is loaded with fulvates and trace minerals. The formula is also fortified with Limu Moui and kelp. The fulvates in Body Shield are potent antioxidant super-scavengers.* In addition, the seaweed extracts support healthy thyroid and immune function!*


> Learn More
F130798-10-01 60ct Caps USD40.00 Qty: Order
Product F006001-10-01 Vital Vision

Free radicals and UV light are believed to be major causes of damage to healthy eyesight. Vital Vision is comprised of a powerhouse of high-tech ingredients extracted from botanicals and antioxidants to support healthy eyes for keen vision, radiantly colored pigmentation, sparkle, and vitality you may have never thought possible.


> Learn More
F006001-10-01 30CT Caps USD29.00 Qty: Order
Product F127597-10-01 InFLUence

The leader in the fight against our unhealthy environment. An intensified, patent-pending formula with an array of highly effective ingredients. This arsenal of targeted ingredients provides massive support to supercharge and fortify the immune system from every possible angle our harmful environment throws at us.


> Learn More
F127597-10-01 30CT Caps USD20.00 Qty: Order
Product F127352-10-01 Supra Omega 3

Most people don’t get enough omega-3s. Supra Omega 3 contains the three major omega-3 oils, each structurally different, from fish, krill, and algae for broad range biological support of the brain, nervous system, skin, eyes, and organs. Harvested from pristine waters, purified, and tested for mercury and other contaminants.


> Learn More
F127352-10-01 60CT Softgels USD35.00 Qty: Order
Product F004001-10-01 Calcium K2

Everyone needs calcuim. Women need especially large amounts. Unfortunately, most sources of calcium aren’t very absorbable and often contain large amounts of lead. Avoiding lead in calcium is extremely important! Calcium K2’s unique formula is designed to provide as much pure calcium and other major minerals, including, vitamin K2 and D3, needed to support healthy bones.


> Learn More
F004001-10-01 120CT Caps USD26.60 Qty: Order
Product F007001-10-01 Heartify CoQ10

CoQ10 levels decrease greatly with age. Scientists report it’s a vital component needed by every cell in the body to create energy (ATP). Without it, health and vitality can decrease significantly. Many competitive CoQ10 products may contain crystalized and inert ingredients. Sisel provides the highest level of pure stabilized CoQ10 we believe possible.


> Learn More
F007001-10-01 30CT Soft Gels USD39.00 Qty: Order
Product F005002-10-01 Energy

Spectacularly performing South American herbal extracts formulated to enhance your body’s levels of radiant energy. Boosts focus, concentration, mental and physical endurance through a synergistic blend of Chá de Bugre and other vital ingredients, for energy that rises and increases throughout the day, instead of a big buzz and rapid crash as with many other energy products.


> Learn More
F005002-10-01 60CT Caps USD30.00 Qty: Order
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ZingBizPro Training Pages for MEMBERS

Our goal is to do all we can to help you become successful with right now during pre-launch. One of our members, Todd Oldfield, the host of “The Training Room” has worked very hard to help ALL ZingBizPRO,com members achieve personal success during pre-launch and has an excellent site full of great information for all members.

Please visit the site and refer to it often. Specifically you will find the following key pages: Information & Overview Pages

  • – The corporate overview with a 2nd video that further explains the compensation plan.
  • Global Strategies For the Healthcare Industry – Talks about how ZBP could effect global hiring.
  • Global Strategies for Educators, Business Owners, Healthcare, and Job Seekers – A broader, global presentation.
  • Industries That Could Benefit by – A short list of 40-50 industries that we have already identified as being beneficiaries of

Training Pages for MEMBERS

  • New Member Orientation – An overview of
  • New Member Resources – A list of all the tools, groups, Fanpages, videos for members.
  • The “5/30” Fast Start Plan – Todd’s personal system that he has used to refer new members. It’s comprehensive and his techniques work. He has a video explaining his system, and even a worksheet to download to keep you organized. If you need ideas on how to build your group, this might be a good place to start.
  • A Comparison of to Other Top Websites – Features, cost, functionality, earning potential all compared for all the names you recognize.
  • Video Training Page (for those that need ideas on how to promote – Step by step training for those of you that are new to networking. If you need help finding friends, adding friends, getting your group organized, establishing communication channels, here you go!

Be sure to “SHARE” these pages with everyone you personally referred to so that they know the pages are there to help them. Remember, THEIR success is YOUR success.

  • LIVE TRAINING – There is even live training available from 12-8PM EST, Monday-Friday by clicking the “LIVE HELP” button on the right side of the site.
  • “ZingTEAM” Talk Radio on BlogTalkRadio – Todd & guests host regular programs with featured quests, Q&A, tips, techniques, and all sorts of fun. Be sure to check this link for upcoming episodes and to listen to past episodes.

Our thanks to Todd for creating all this wonderful content.

Our best wishes!

Verne Packer, CEO,

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Skin Care

Product F130038-10-01 FulFill Bust & Sagging Skin Enhancer
As we age, our skin thins, wrinkles, and sags. This is most noticeable around the eyes, lips, hands, neck, and breasts. Sisel’s Fulfill was formulated to tighten, firm, and plump the skin by working with the skin itself as well as the fat cells directly beneath.
> Learn More


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SpectraMaxx- The World’s First Megatonic!


With 40 Powerful antioxidants, 74 essential trace minerals, and vast array of multivitamins and phytonutrients all powered by organic fulvic acid, it’s no wonder SpectraMaxx is quickly becoming Sisel’s best selling product! Hurry and get yours today and start 2011 with a healthier you!

Orderclick here!


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