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Double Fast Start Bonuses for the Recruiting and Retention Promo.

RRP – Recruiting and Retention Promotion
The wait is finally over! Tom Mower Sr. has officially gone mad! How mad? He’s prepared to give you loads and loads of money.

A phenomenal promotion that will drive recruiting and dramatically increase retention! The RRP makes it possible to receive Sisel’s already generous 30% Fast Start Bonus on new qualified Distributors paid twice over two 4-week periods. THAT’S RIGHT. DOUBLE FAST START BONUSES!

We have one last surprise for you. Our new Recruiting and Retention Promotion will include August! THAT’S RIGHT, AUGUST! A RETRO BONUS!!


That means that any Distributors that are Platinum Qualified and have enrolled new platinum qualified Distributors in August are now eligible to receive a second Fast Start Bonus in September!

Qualifications for the Recruiting and Retention Promotion:
This Fast Start Bonus promotion causes a second month (or additional 4-week period) in which payouts will follow the 30% FSB to the Personal Sponsor on all Platinum reorders.

1) QUALIFICATION:  A Platinum AP Qualified Distributor (200 Platinum for Europe) must enroll a new Platinum AP Qualified Distributor (200 Platinum for Europe) and earn a 30% FSB. The following month, when the new Platinum Distributor reorders, a second 30% FSB will be paid to their Platinum AP Qualified Sponsor (uplines will be paid as normal).

2) PAYOUT:  When the qualifications occur, the newly enrolled member generates an additional Fast Start Bonus to the upline (the upline on levels 2-7 only have to be on Bronze to receive the second FSB payout).

3) THE PROMOTIONAL PERIOD:  The RRP retroactive for August. So if the above qualifications occur on any newly enrolled Distributors and their Personal Sponsors in August, then the double Fast Start Bonus will be paid when the new Distributors reorder in September. Newly enrolled Distributors in September will create the possibility for an RRP payout in October. The RRP will not be paid after October 31, 2012.

Tom’s insanity is great for your wallet! So if you’re not already at qualification levels to take advantage of this promo, MAKE IT HAPPEN RIGHT NOW so you can get your share of this fast-start cash! Hurry, before the man comes to his senses again!

Click here to see our illustrious President and Co-Founder, Tom Mower Sr., introduce this promotion!

Your new lifestyle is within reach.
     Sponsor ID: USA5156555

        Become a Sisel’s Distributor,

      Preferred Customer or Commercial Member

                                                 Copyright (C) 2012 SISEL International All rights reserved.
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So Many Reasons to Join SISEL

SISEL International is simply the most exciting MlM company ever created! SISEL has everything you need to build a burgeoning business and become a huge success while sharing the most spectacular health and wellness products in the world.

SISEL (pronounced “sizzle”) is an acronym for; Science, Innovation, Success, Energy, and Longevity.

Sisel International is am mlm company founded in 2006 by Tom Mower Sr. and his son Tom Mower Jr. The company is located in Utah. They are currently operating in 12 countries around the world. They have an impressive 400,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Utah.


This product line includes Liquid Nutritionals, Weight Loss, Nutritional Supplements, Hair, Dental and Body Care, Skin Care, Cosmetics, an exquisite mineral makeup line called Timeless Minerals, Aromatherapy,and even a few Home Care products which currently include a liquid laundry detergent and dish soap.

SISEL‘s (liquid nutritionals) uses Limu Moui seaweed extract from Tonga to create what many Fucoidan researchers believe is the most powerful Fucoidan supplement available in the market place today.

SISEL’s products are priced the same for everyone, regardless of whether they are Distributors or Preferred Customers.

 Sisel has an incentive for distributors and customers to go on an auto-ship program.

Cost To Become A Distributor

Currently there is a $ 19.95 start up cost and an annual automatic renewal fee of $15 charged to your credit card on the anniversary of the date you joined.

Please visit at

Preferred Customer Program

Each time a product is purchased by a registered Preferred Customer, you make a commission and they accrue Preferred Customer points which they can redeem for free products.

Compensation Plan

Sisel has a  compensation plan online on their corporate site.

SISEL’s compensation plan is a hybrid plan, which means it incorporates different methods of calculating commissions.

1. Fast Start Bonus

2. Direct Distributor Bonus

3. Master Distributor Bonus

4. Builder’s Bonus

5. Lifestyle Bonus

Ranks & Qualifications

Currently there are only 4 ranks listed as follows:

Silver Direct Distributor: 100 PV

Gold Direct Distributor: 150 PV

Platinum Direct Distributor: 200 PV

Master Distributor: Gold or Platinum AP (150+ PV), 1000 PGV, 5000 CPGV
Please review the comp.plan at

  • Your new lifestyle is within reach.
  • Sponsor ID: USA5156555 Become a Sisel’s Distributor,Preferred Customer or Commercial Member
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 Sponsor ID: USA5156555

– Not only in the History of the MLM Industry . . .

 – But in the Entire History of the Nutritional Products Industry!

And after what I’ve experienced today –



Let me tell you about an amazing result I’ve had with TS-X on my 3rd day of taking one capsule a day. 

FYI – I take my one capsule of TS-X with breakfast each morning

Starting about 10 years ago – I began to develop a slight shaking of my hands when doing certain activities such as trying to hold a video camera steady while taking videos – especially zoomed-in shots, where any slight movement of the camera becomes very pronounced.  Over the years, this shaking problem has gradually worsened to where now – when I take zoomed-in video shots – you can really see the shaking of my hands.

On March 7 – the first day I started taking TS-X io took a few dozen “Before” pictures of myself with my digital camera.  I took all my own photos – holding the camera at arm’s length and then aiming it at myself and pressing the expose button.  Thank goodness for the “Steady Shot” feature or all of the pictures would have been blurred from my unsteady hands.

But today – March 9 – after taking TS-X for the 3rd day in a row – by early afternoon – I noticed something that was very different  – I felt a really great calming sensation and as I felt this calm sensation come over me – I held out my hands and looked at my finger tIps – and to my amazement – I realized that my hands were very STEADY.

Thinking it was just a “fluke” I went about my day, which was a very busy one – but then after dinner, I came back to my office to send out these updates and I had to pause for a moment to reflect on how calm I’d felt all day.  Again I held out my arms and saw that my hands were very STEADY . . .

I picked up my camera and took some more pictures of myself and WOW – I was able to hold the camera Rock Steady while taking the pictures.  I then decided to do the ultimate test – I picked up my video camera and took a zoomed in shot – and I was able to hold the camera very still for the duration of the shot – VERY IMPRESSIVE!

Yes  – This is VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!

Not sure if this is just something for today – but I can assure you that I can’t remember the last time i was ever able to hold my hands this STEADY while taking pictures and shooting zoomed-in videos.

STAY TUNED – My TS-X Experience is off to a GREAT START – and with the way it’s going by just my 3rd day –  I’m very confident that I’m going to have a lot more exciting results to share with all of you!

The SISEL Opportunity – It just Keeps Getting Better and Better Every Day!

This is the ONE you can RUN WITH for the LONG TERM!

  • Your new lifestyle is within reach.
  • Sponsor ID: USA5156555
    Become a Sisel’s Distributor,Preferred Customer or Commercial Member

Your Partner in Our Great Mutual Success!

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Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge

Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge

We would like to officially announce the pre-launch of our Ultimate Body Sculpting Challenge! Here is a sneak peak of the official challenge website. You will notice from the website that Jeff Primm, two-time Mr. Universe, is endorsing this “ultimate challenge.” He will be watching for your success stories!

The Challenge is open to distributors and preferred customers. You will officially enter by purchasing one of six qualifying packs. You have until March 30 to complete your 12 week challenge and submit your entry form through the challenge website. The submissions page will be available at the full launch on January 1st. This challenge goes right with our “Share 3 Program” currently running. Get people some Fit & Fabulous packs so you can have yours for FREE, then get them in the challenge!

In addition to the challenge website, we have a Challenge Facebook page dedicated to participants for posting success stories, SiseLEAN recipes and also give support to the rest of the community. The Facebook page is live so go check it out! We would like to encourage all of you to participate in the challenge, and also follow the Facebook page to give support to those in the challenge. Who’s ready to “Take Back Your Health?!”

So, what are you waiting for? Go purchase your qualifying pack and get started today!

Good Luck!

-Sisel Team

Challenge Qualifying Packs
Click here to see the six challenge qualifying packs!
Sponsor ID USA5156555


Referral link link is

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Liquid Nutritionals


Product F130004-10-01 SpectraMaxx 750ml

SpectraMaxx fills in the gaps found in our modern diets by providing the broadest spectrum of antioxidants and trace minerals ever contained in a single bottle. By combining the incredible ingredients of Spectra AO and SupraMaxx into a powerful supersaturated formula, Sisel has created the world’s first megatonic.


> Learn More
F130004-10-01 750ml USD60.00 Qty: Order
Product F130054-10-01 Eternity 750ml

Activate dormant genes for:

  • More youthfulness and longevity
  • Exuberant health and vitality
  • Massive energy that lasts all day
  • Incredible weight loss support

An intensely concentrated, synergistic blend of resveratrol and three essential key ingredients in a variety of macro- and nano-sized nutrients for amplified bioavailability and vitality. This life-enhancing, highly potent liquid supplement may be the most significant factor ever discovered in the history of human health for promoting youthful vitality. 


> Learn More
F130054-10-01 750ml USD55.00 Qty: Order
Product F000001-10-01 FuCoyDon Intensified

FuCoyDon is an extremely potent, bio-available, restorative, liquid super supplement which researchers proclaim may be the greatest source of support for intensive regeneration at a cellular level. It contains a remarkable natural enlivening invigorator, Limu Moui extract, in a fortified patent-pending formula to make it extremely powerful! It includes three types of fucoidans: U, F, and G. Over 800 studies from the U.S. National Institute of Health show that fucoidans intensely support increased energy, enhanced immunity, and normal hormonal, glucose and circulatory functions throughout almost every system in the human body.


> Learn More
F000001-10-01 1000 ml / 34 fl oz USD53.00 Qty: Order
Product F129109-10-12 Sisel Splash

Sisel Splash is a light, refreshing enhanced water product infused with the power of our advanced resveratrol formula. Only 3 grams of carbs, and the crisp, sweet combination of real pomegranate, natural agave nectar, and pure stevia.


> Learn More
F129109-10-12 474 ml/16 fl. oz per bottle (12-pack) USD30.00 Qty: Order
Product F127769-10-01 Essential Eternity

Activate dormant genes for:

  • More youthfulness and longevity
  • Exuberant health and vitality
  • Massive energy that lasts all day
  • Incredible weight loss support

An intensely concentrated, synergistic blend of resveratrol and three essential key ingredients in a variety of macro- and nano-sized nutrients for amplified bioavailability and vitality. This life-enhancing, highly potent liquid supplement may be the most significant factor ever discovered in the history of human health for promoting youthful vitality. 


> Learn More
F127769-10-01 500 ml USD50.00 Qty: Order
Product F127769-10-02 Essential Eternity 500ml 2pk

Essential Eternity offers the same amazing formula as original Eternity, without the energy blend. This great-tasting beverage brings you increased vitality, added cellular protection, and what may be the most significant nutrient known to slow the effects of aging—resveratrol. With high concentrations of nano-sized, 98–99% pure trans resveratrol in a patent-pending blend of quercetin, catechins, and other polyphenols, Essential Eternity may be a key scientific breakthrough in your quest for health and ultimate longevity.*

Eternity is offered at a discounted price for those participating in the Automatic Purchase Program. The two-pack AP Discounted Price is $80.00. The two-pack standard product price for $100.00.

AP Discounted Price: $80.00

Standard Product Price: $100.00


> Learn More
F127769-10-02 500ml USD100.00 Qty: Order
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Dietary Supplements- sisel International

Product F130798-10-01 Body Shield

Body Shield offers incredible support for your cellular health. It contains organic fulvic acid, which is loaded with fulvates and trace minerals. The formula is also fortified with Limu Moui and kelp. The fulvates in Body Shield are potent antioxidant super-scavengers.* In addition, the seaweed extracts support healthy thyroid and immune function!*


> Learn More
F130798-10-01 60ct Caps USD40.00 Qty: Order
Product F006001-10-01 Vital Vision

Free radicals and UV light are believed to be major causes of damage to healthy eyesight. Vital Vision is comprised of a powerhouse of high-tech ingredients extracted from botanicals and antioxidants to support healthy eyes for keen vision, radiantly colored pigmentation, sparkle, and vitality you may have never thought possible.


> Learn More
F006001-10-01 30CT Caps USD29.00 Qty: Order
Product F127597-10-01 InFLUence

The leader in the fight against our unhealthy environment. An intensified, patent-pending formula with an array of highly effective ingredients. This arsenal of targeted ingredients provides massive support to supercharge and fortify the immune system from every possible angle our harmful environment throws at us.


> Learn More
F127597-10-01 30CT Caps USD20.00 Qty: Order
Product F127352-10-01 Supra Omega 3

Most people don’t get enough omega-3s. Supra Omega 3 contains the three major omega-3 oils, each structurally different, from fish, krill, and algae for broad range biological support of the brain, nervous system, skin, eyes, and organs. Harvested from pristine waters, purified, and tested for mercury and other contaminants.


> Learn More
F127352-10-01 60CT Softgels USD35.00 Qty: Order
Product F004001-10-01 Calcium K2

Everyone needs calcuim. Women need especially large amounts. Unfortunately, most sources of calcium aren’t very absorbable and often contain large amounts of lead. Avoiding lead in calcium is extremely important! Calcium K2’s unique formula is designed to provide as much pure calcium and other major minerals, including, vitamin K2 and D3, needed to support healthy bones.


> Learn More
F004001-10-01 120CT Caps USD26.60 Qty: Order
Product F007001-10-01 Heartify CoQ10

CoQ10 levels decrease greatly with age. Scientists report it’s a vital component needed by every cell in the body to create energy (ATP). Without it, health and vitality can decrease significantly. Many competitive CoQ10 products may contain crystalized and inert ingredients. Sisel provides the highest level of pure stabilized CoQ10 we believe possible.


> Learn More
F007001-10-01 30CT Soft Gels USD39.00 Qty: Order
Product F005002-10-01 Energy

Spectacularly performing South American herbal extracts formulated to enhance your body’s levels of radiant energy. Boosts focus, concentration, mental and physical endurance through a synergistic blend of Chá de Bugre and other vital ingredients, for energy that rises and increases throughout the day, instead of a big buzz and rapid crash as with many other energy products.


> Learn More
F005002-10-01 60CT Caps USD30.00 Qty: Order
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Glenn W Turner and Sisel International

Challenge to America

This is a portion of a video we did years ago. We have sold over 3 Million copies of  Audios, Videos and films of this video. We have had thousands of testimonies of numerous lives of people who were changed by watching it. Jeffrey Gitomer watched it over 250 times, it was the foundation that made him number one in his field today. He is just one of many. Enjoy the brief video:

I hope this touches you as well. The DVD is found on our website use the catalog link and it is under DVD’s.
God Bless You,
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