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SoZo Life Products Review

SoZo Life  is the new company harvesting the proprietary benefits of the Coffeeberry.

The product line up for this nutritional and lucrative new business opportunity is impressive.

The three product offerings include the healthiest coffee (Select Coffee), a nutritional beverage (Functional Beverage) and an energy drink (Ignite Energy).

Let’s take a look at each of them:

SoZo® Select Coffee.

SoZo CoffeeBerry

SoZo Life  Select CoffeeBerry

Coffee is known to have some antioxidant properties and the amount will vary depending on the quality of the bean, the region it’s grown and the harvest timing.

In the case of SoZo Life Select Coffee, they have added an extract that comes from the coffee fruit itself, which no other coffee company offers.

This coffee fruit extract is known as CoffeeBerry, and it provides an abundance of polyphenols and phenolic acid that cannot be matched by any other plant.

It takes 625 grams of blueberries to equal the antioxidant value of one gram of CoffeeBerry® Forte Extract.

Now you can drink delicious coffee knowing that you are helping yourself to better health with every cup!

SoZo® Nutritional Beverage.

SoZo Nutritional Beverage

Nutritional Beverage

Next in the powerful product line up is the SoZo Life Nutritional Beverage.

How long would it take you to buy, prepare and consume the items on this chart?

With SoZo Life Nutritional Beverage you simply open and drink.

How’s that for convenient and the health benefits are off the charts.

This product also uses the CoffeeBerry and adds a proprietary blend of fruit and vegetable extracts that give you a full spectrum of antioxidant protection for your health and well-being.

SoZo® Ignite® Energy Drink.  

Ignite Energy

Ignite Energy

Energy drinks are big business and these will give you a healthy boost to help you perform your best.

Don’t settle for the unhealthy energy drinks that will actually do more harm than good.

Those give you a quick burst but then have you crashing and needing more.

Ignite Energy Drink is an 8-ounce, ready-to-serve healthy alternative that is 100% natural and contains no preservatives or artificial sweeteners.

It’s the drink with the proprietary CoffeeBerry whole coffee fruit technology.

So with over a hundred million Americans drinking coffee daily, millions of nutritional beverages and energy drinks being consumed daily, do you see how this business opportunity could be huge?

SoZo® CoffeeBerry is perfectly positioned in not one, but four multi-billion dollar industries.

Coffee Energy Nutrition

Coffee Energy Nutrition

Combine that with a simple system for helping you achieve your dreams, and it’s easy to see why SoZo Life may be the home business opportunity you have been searching for!

Here You can read more about the company’s leadership.

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